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Why Georgetown Slate?

Georgetown Slate is a premier roofing slate product. Georgetown Slate is one of the leading providers of Natural Slate in the United States. Georgetown Slate is a superior for three reasons, Price, Quality, and Variety/Availability.

At Georgetown Slate, we completely understand that price is an important part of any product we sell. We have over twenty years of import experience.  We guarantee that any square of slate we quote, will beat our competitors price.

At Georgetown Slate, we understand Quality is the key factor to keeping business long-term. We maintain this quality two ways; by regular ASTM testing at an approved laboratory in Dallas, Texas. by personally inspecting every container leaving our quarries. This two part method of testing and inspection allows us to stand behind our slate product as the best quality natural slate roofing products in the business.

Variety and Availability

We understand to be competitive, our customers require a large variety of available stock. Georgetown Slate imports directly from Spain, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. We also carry high-quality natural slate from Vermont quarries. Our Georgetown Slate line has 10 unique standard colors, as well as 7 unique exotic colors. These 17 combined colors allows flexibility to achieve any look our customers desire.

We have a extensive stock of roofing slate in Dallas, Texas, which means fast delivery times for a quick turnaround for any project. We invites architects, contractors and customers to visit our facilities to view our selection. We are confident that you will find the natural slate roofing product that you require. Contact Georgetown Slate today! 469-569-2378

No other natural roofing slate wholesaler can match our selection or price.

When you choose Georgetown Slate for your natural slate project you can expect the highest quality product and service. Below will find our most popular slate options. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

Imported Slate Roofing

Georgetown Slate is the ultimate Natural Slate solution for imported slate. Our natural roofing slate is brought in directly from quarries in Spain, Brazil, Canada and China. This means that you are buying your product directly from the source.

Domestic Slate Roofing

We ship the most popular colors quarried in the United States, cut to a variety of thickness’s including: 250 x 400 x 5-7mm; 250 x 400 x 7-9mm; 250 x 400 x 8-10mm; 250 x 400 x 9-11mm. The majority of our roofing slate is shipped directly from our yard in Dallas, Texas.

Verea Clay Roofing Tiles

For over 100 years, Verea has combined tradition, technology and environmental stewardship to produce the finest clay tile roof products. No other clay roof tile provides the durability, resistance to mildew and color selection as Verea.