Domestic Roofing Slate



Georgetown Slate is the ultimate natural slate solution for slate quarried in the United States, meaning that you are buying a product directly from a domestic source. On top of that, we personally inspect every square with our own employees. This ensures quality and accountability. When you get our container of slate at your yard or jobsite, we guarantee that 100% of our product will be a high quality and ready to be installed.

We have the ability to ship the most popular colors quarried in the United States. These colors can be cut to a variety of thickness’s including: 250 x 400 x 5-7mm; 250 x 400 x 7-9mm; 250 x 400 x 8-10mm; 250 x 400 x 9-11mm. The majority of this roofing slate can be shipped directly or picked up from our yard in Dallas, Texas.  Georgetown Slate also has the ability to ship any container directly to our customer’s job site, increasing your savings. If you have any questions, please give us a call and one of our slate experts will walk you through the process of buying your product direct from Georgetown Slate.



American (Domestic Slate Colors)

Vermont Strata Grey

Vermont New York Red

Vermont Mottled Purple

Vermont Unfading Green

Vermont Unfading Grey Green

Vermont Clear Grey

Vermont Royal Purple

Vermont Black

Vermont Semi Grey Green

Vermont Historical Blend

Unfading Grey Green Slate Roof Installation

Vermont Strata Grey installation.